1. Enter Application filling in the on line application form. Please make sure that your online application is successful.

2. An application fee of 50 KM (25 Euro) must be transferred to the following account:
- Full beneficiary name: MALI MOZART UDRUZENJE SARAJEVO (Please make sure that you fill in the name completely)
- Full beneficiary adress: Odobasina 21
- Name of Bank: Raiffeisen BANK dd. Bosna i Hercegovina
- Address of Bank: Zmaja od Bosne bb 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina. (Please make sure that you fill in the address completely )
- Account No.: 1610000086130094
- IBAN Code: BA391610000086130094
- Bank Code/SWIFT Code/BIC Code: RZBABA2S
NOTE: Applicants bear the costs of bank transactions.

3. All applicants who decide to record a DVD of their preselection performance, instead of online download links, need to attach following:
- filled in application form (DOWNLOAD)
- personal photo
- the receipt of application fee

4. Please mail the DVD and documents to: Sarajevo Southeast European Violin Competition Office, Hercina 17, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Please mail it before 31st December, 2016 (postmark date on the envelope will be regarded as the sending date).

6. Applicants have the responsibility to ensure the materials can be well received by the Competition Office before pre-selection. The organizers will accept no responsibility for loss of documents or DVD in the mail.

7. We must receive, either on line site or by post, all the needed materials to validate your application. Mailed materials will not be returned. The Competition Committee will keep all the materials as classified and reserves the right to ask for supplementary materials. Application fee is not refundable.