Orest Shourgot (Croatia)

Orest Shourgot is a violinist, pedagogue, conductor, chamber musician and professor at the Music Academy in Zagreb. Orest was born to parents professor dr.sc. Bogdan Shourgot and violinist Volodymyre Shourgot. In 1982, Orest won his first First Prize at the violin competition in Kiev where he played the Violin Concerto no.1 in F-sharp minor by H.Wieniawski in the finals. In 1983, Orest won the first prize at the J.Kocian competition in Czech Republic. In 1989, Orest successfully finished the Central Music School in Moscow, Russia. During that year, he was awarded first place at the Violin Competition in Odessa. During the years 1993 and 1994, Orest studied at the Conservatory Tchaikovsky in Moscow where he became principal concertmaster of the Ensemble of Modern Music (ASM) in association with the Alliance of Composers in Russia. In 1993, Orest continues with his winning streak; he is awarded with first prize at the First International Violin Competition M.Lysenka in Kharkov. From 1994 until 1996, Orest successfully finishes his postbachelor studies at the Conservatory in Moscow where he starts to work as an assistant professor from 1995. In 1996, Orest was awarded Second Prize at the First International Violin Competition Abram Jampolski in Dubna. As a student, Orest performed and played in the Ensemble of Moscow Soloists under the mentorship of maestro Jurij Bashmet. From the year 1992, Orest was awarded a scholarship from the Fond of New Names under the sponsorship of Anatolija Karpova and Raise Gorbačov. In 1997, Orest arrives in Croatia where he receives his citizenship in 2001. From the year 1998, Orest teaches at the Music Academy in Split and from 1999, he becomes an assistant professor at the same academy. In 2001, Orest became the concertmaster of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. From 2005, he became assistant professor at the Music Academy in Zagreb and from 2010, the artistic director of the Zagreb Chamber Orchestra. From 2011, he is an outstanding professor at the Music Academy in Zagreb. During that same year, Orest founded the Ensemble of Soloists Classicus which he leads until this day.

As a soloist and chamber musician, Orest has performed with leading, world renowned musicians and conductors such as: Sir Neville Marriner, Shlomo Mintz, Yuri Bashmet, Natalia Gutman, Alun Francis, Pavle Dešpalj, Milan Horvat. Orest has performed as a soloist since 1981. During his highly successful career Orest has played on rare violin brands from Italian masters: Antonio i Hyronimus Amati, Lorenzo Storioni, Giuseppe Guadagnini, Alessandro Gagliano. From 2011 Orest actively plays the violin King from 1735, from the renowned Italian master Bartolomeo Giuseppe Antonio Guarneri, del Gesù which is in property of HAZU. From 2007, Orest also plays a violin from Italian master Antonio Vinacci from 1761. Also, in 2015, Orest played on a A.Stradivari Joachim-MA violin in Cremona. Orest was a member of jury of the International Violin Competitions in Siona (Switzerland) in 2011, Novosibirsk in 2013, Ohrid in 2014 and Belgrade in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, Orest performed with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra in Carnegie Hall in New York.