1. The Competition is open to young violinists from the South East Europe who are under 25 years old.

2.Those coming from the Southeast European Region.
Countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.

3. Candidates are divided into 3 age groups:
- Group A: 14 and under (born in 2002 or younger)
- Group B: 15 - 17 (born between 1999 and 2001 inclusive)
- Group C: 18 - 25 (born between 1991 and 1998 inclusive)

4. Application deadline: 31st March, 2017

5. All applicants have to record preselection required compositions and send to us by the due deadline date.

6. The Competition Committee will notify accepted applicants to confirm their participation by late January.

7. Change of repertoire must be submitted to the Competition Committee before 14th May, 2017. No change of repertoire during the Competition is allowed.

8. The Competition Committee does not cover the traveling, dining, housing and traffic expenses of the participants and of People who accompany the participants. The Competition Committee takes requests to arrange dining and housing in designated restaurants and hotels.

9. The Competition arranges collaborative accompanying pianists for violinists for free. The Competition does not cover the expenses of candidates' own collaborative accompanying pianists.

10. Change of plan during the Competition must be informed to the Competition Committee in time.

11. Candidates may not appeal against jury decisions.

12. The Competition Committee is responsible for audio and video recording, TV, radio, and online broadcasting, winners' concerts, and other related events. The Competition Committee reserves the copyright of all audio and video productions and offers no payment to participants.

13. All winners must take part in the Closing and Award Ceremony. Absentees give up the awards.

14. Winners may have opportunities to attend other concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries arranged by the Competition Committee. (Contracts for these events are otherwise arranged.)

15. The Competition Committee provides related documents for VISA application (in case of KOSOVO nationals only) for all other Southeast European nationals there is no need for visa.

16. Application fee is not refundable.

17. Completing of the application procedures implies participants' agreeing with the above items.