The 1st Sarajevo Southeast European Competition has finished and here are our winners...

GROUP A / Born up to 2002

1. Miljan Stanišić, Podgorica - Montenegro
2. Arina Behlilović, Tuzla - Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Jovan Jovović, Podgorica - Montenegro

GROUP B / 1999-2001

The respective jury decided that there are no winners in group B.

GROUP C / 1991-1998

For group C the respective jury decided that there is no winner, but only second and third place.

2. Alma Dizdar, Stolac - Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Ante Slišković, Široki Brijeg - Bosnia and Herzegovina

The special prize by Mladen Sofrenić has been awarded to Miljan Stanišić the winner of the group A.

Two "Grand Prix" prizes by Mozarteum are awarded to Arina Behlilović and Alma Dizdar.

Congratulations and see you next year.